Can Vending Machines Kill You? (COVID-19 Update)

Can Vending Machines Kill You? (COVID-19 Update)

By: Epik Jordan

Maybe the stats appear because vending machines mostly have unhealthy options? And in some way, this was already leading to disease and deaths eventually? A survey across the US on thousands of vending machines in hundreds of schools revealed that a majority of drinks and snacks offered in vending machines were of poor nutritional value.

Hence unhealthy eating habits may cause short-term and long-term illnesses that is why the number is increasing. But linking anything to a vending machine is impossible. There is no way one may reliably trace the death of diabetes back to that one pack of M&Ms that you bought after a successful day at school.

One other reason people die of snacks from the vending machine may be an immediate reaction to consuming some item. For example, choking or getting allergic reactions may prove fatal if immediate help isn't acquired. But in any case, the reason for death becomes choking or allergy instead of the vending machine.

There are also more immediate and physical reasons that a vending machine could kill you. In the US, there are around 4 deaths every year from a vending machine crushing a person. Maybe it is because of the electrical shocks that are caused due to faulty electronics or those loose wiring in vending machines. But turns out vending machines are pretty energy efficient and don't need much voltage. They can be plugged into regular 120-volt outlets. This means that many shocks should be rather survivable.

But is COVID making vending machines deadly?

Vending service has taken different forms with the rise in COVID -19. Different forms of daily lifestyles turned into different ones. The use of vending machines was limited because they involved too much human interaction that caused and outspread the disease. But soon, with the availability of PPE, the use of vending machines spread in countries like Japan.

Their people started using this machine as it removes the need for two to five workers to administer tests and the risk of infections. Covid-19 has already caused infection for over 68 million people worldwide, and the death count is in the millions. The pandemic has now rocketed vending machines to a whole new territory. It is touchless, considered safe, and prepackaged so that products haven't been rubbed and breathed over.

The benefit of safety brought on from the hover button technology has made it even safer when using machines that offer this feature. Customers are now able to use a mobile app, or the touchless hover buttons to safely acquire their snacks.

Healthier choices in food preparation and nutrition are making people spend more time thinking about the food they are consuming. Consumers are also demanding, and they want fast high quality, and easy solutions, and COVID has already accelerated all of that. And because of a vending machine, the only person who will touch their purchase is the customer himself.

Vending service is going to help people get independent while they shop for things they need. It changes the way people preview the shopping experience, and yes 'it won't kill you. Vending machines are safe to use and are ideal for enjoying even in COVID when everything should be touch proof.

Epik Jordan

By: Epik Jordan

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