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Going to the movies is not the same without hot, buttery popcorn to enjoy while watching it. A common practice for movie theaters looking to increase revenue and lower expenses is to add a self-serve popcorn machine to alleviate employees from managing popcorn purchases. Movie theaters are not the only place of business that can benefit from popcorn machines. You can find them among airports, shopping malls, bowling alleys, and other areas with customers looking for a simple snack while waiting for extended periods of time.

Popcorn vending machines come with an abundance of features, such as volume cooking, butter dispensing, serving size fulfillment, and payment processing. The machines can hold an enormous amount of uncooked kernels, butter, and containers. A customer can simply choose the size of their desired container, place it under the popcorn dispenser, and douse their snack in butter. Some machines automatically add the butter, while others allow the user to adjust the amount to their liking. Adding additional condiments could entice customers to make a purchase as well, like salt, cheese powder, or additional butter options.

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The evolution of vending machines has culminated into these major categories brought to you by the experts at EpikVending.com. Whether you are looking for a break room snack machine, cold beverage vending in the lobby, or a coffee machine at the hotel breakfast bar, we've got you covered.

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Utilize our latest-gen vending machines to provide the best options in snacking convenience. Contactless payment options, remote inventory monitoring, and product performance reports are just a few benefits of using our vending machine services.

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Modern Vending Machines

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Satisfy your customers with a well-rounded, break time snack by providing cold beverages and delicious snacks while saving valuable space in your facility. Use our form to find professional vending service companies in your area.

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Coffee Machines

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Keep your workplace energized with our specialized coffee service and machine. Get premium coffee, efficient machines, and consumables managed by professionals.

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