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Water cooler talks are a well known occurrence of office life nowadays. It's best to have a water supply service to maintain and replenish the water cooler though. Clean, safe, cold water is an essential offering that every business environment should have for employees. Some office water service companies can even supply machines that provide hot water as well as chilled water. More options are available apart from water coolers, with bottled water service that can bring natural spring water, mineral waters, or even purified water varieties.

An office water service company will install a modern water cooler or full filtration system in your office to provide employees with superior drinking water quality. Most will even supply complimentary drinking cups, if needed. Don't forget about your customers as well. Offering a fresh water bottle can make all the difference to a potential buyer. There are many procedures that take place for each time of water that can be delivered to your business. Our water service companies will work with you to determine the best water option for your location.

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The evolution of vending machines has culminated into these major categories brought to you by the experts at Whether you are looking for a break room snack machine, cold beverage vending in the lobby, or a coffee machine at the hotel breakfast bar, we've got you covered.

Traditional Vending Machines

Snack Machines by Epik Vending

Utilize our latest-gen vending machines to provide the best options in snacking convenience. Contactless payment options, remote inventory monitoring, and product performance reports are just a few benefits of using our vending machine services.

Eco Vending

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Modern Vending Machines

Combo Vending Machines by Epik Vending

Satisfy your customers with a well-rounded, break time snack by providing cold beverages and delicious snacks while saving valuable space in your facility. Use our form to find professional vending service companies in your area.

High Protein Snacks

Cold Energy Drinks

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Coffee Machines

Office Coffee Service by Epik Vending

Keep your workplace energized with our specialized coffee service and machine. Get premium coffee, efficient machines, and consumables managed by professionals.

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