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A vending machine can be a great addition to many places that have a lot of foot traffic. If a business needs a way to conveniently offer snacks and drinks to their customers or employees without a high cost involved, vending machine services can fit the bill.

A well placed vending machine can not only offer nearby people optimal convenience, but can generate a hefty revenue and profit for the owner. Whether you are looking to generate some extra cash flow, or just need to give employees an extra snacking option in the break room, then a vending machine service may suit your needs.

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The evolution of vending machines has culminated into these major categories brought to you by the experts at EpikVending.com. Whether you are looking for a break room snack machine, cold beverage vending in the lobby, or a coffee machine at the hotel breakfast bar, we've got you covered.

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Most companies that provide vending machine services will lease vending machines, provide maintenance, refill supplies, and install the equipment in the best place for your location. Many will also offer assistance with optimizing your sales or vending product offerings. Talking to your vending service account representative can provide you with additional strategies to increase customer interaction, as well as improve cross sale opportunities among offered products. When your service agreement has ended, or you decide to remove the vending machine, they will send a technician out to properly uninstall it.

Machine installation

Free installation is a common practice among vending service companies when you sign up to their managed service.

Client Satisfaction

We only work with the best vending service providers, so it's stress free when it comes to your vending machine revenue and products.

Repair and Service

Our vending service providers will keep your vending machines in perfect working order.

Provision of Products

We work vigorously to ensure your vending machines contain the best products for your specific location.

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